Our Journey to Rebalance Literacy Instruction and Refine our MTSS – Part 4: Using Data to Put it all together

Snapshot of data As we worked to improve our Tier 1 literacy instruction discussed in my previous post, we also expanded on our data collection and data analysis procedures.  We recognized that we were missing certain data points that could be helpful in tracking student progress. Most importantly, we needed to be more intentional in…


Our Journey to Rebalance Literacy Instruction and Refine our MTSS Systems – Part 2, Parallels in Learning Support

In the previous post, I discussed the questions and investigations we explored to consider our literacy progress and instruction. At the same time, and even starting the year before, our ES Learning Support team began to investigate our tiers of support and our referral processes. In this post I will outline that process and in…


Our Journey to Rebalance our Literacy Instruction and Refine our MTSS Systems – Part 1, Questions and Investigations

Our school is about to start the second year of our focused work in rebalancing our literacy program and refining our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. In this series of posts, I will outline and document the discussions, decisions, learning, planning, and implementation process. I know many schools are having these conversations and I hope that…

What do we mean by sensory issues?

In the last number of years, our Early Childhood Teachers have observed more and more students in their classes with “sensory issues”.  By this we mean kids who are seeking sensory stimuli through movement, putting things in their mouths, requiring support to sit because of lack of core strength, difficulty regulating attention, focus and/or emotions, and many other signs.  We know that kids are smart and the behaviors we see are ways that they give us clues about wh [...]