Neurodiversity is the norm

“It is possible that persons with bits of these traits are more creative, or possibly even geniuses.  If science eliminated these genes, maybe the whole world would be taken over by accountants” (p. 428) In honor of Autism month, I am resharing this post I wrote many years ago on a previous version of this…


Building a Culture of Dignity

All human conflict emerges from violations of dignity or perceived violations of dignity.Donna Hicks From Paul Bloomberg's work at AISJ September 2019 We had the great fortune at AISJ of working with Paul Bloomberg from the Core Collaborative this past week. He began his work with us by focusing on building a culture of dignity.…

I used to . . ., But now I . . .

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.-Socrates In the last couple of years, relevance and curiosity have been key areas of focus within our school goals. We want students to know who they are as learners and how to move forward. We want learning to be relevant to their needs. And, we want the curiosity and interests of students to be a larger part of guiding their learning. As such, we have been seeking ways for students to have a greater voice in communicating wit [...]